Fitness boxing


We can translate that practice in thousands ways.

Boxing is an individual sport that is open to most, however learning this sport does requires physical effort. Boxing Leisure is a way to learn a sport while keeping fit, improving your physical conditioning and learning the techniques of boxing. For leisure or aerobic boxing, fitness boxing or aero-boxing is often used.

The philosophy of our club is to be able to make improves all our members and to be able to share our knowledge. In boxing leisure, the members choose how they want to advance because this sport can be practiced with two boxers to learn the different techniques needed for when facing an opponent, or it can be practiced facing a punching bag for example. A variety of equipment can be used during training, such as skipping ropes, light weights and even medicine balls. But above all, specific movements are taught individually and collectively. Exercises of movement inside the ring are also taught in order to learn how to use the space inside the ring.

Coaches lead sessions according the levels of the practitioners. We form several smaller groups before starting the session to avoid an excessive effort to the people who start, and to show those a little more experienced the slightly more complicated movements and techniques. Everyone is welcome in our club, and our attitude is to encourage all participants in order to make the best of themselves.

The aerobox or fitness boxing:
This kind of boxing is practiced collectively, in music. It’s ideal for a leisurely practice, without risk of getting hit as there is no contact with a partner. It is very efficient and a great class for those whose goal is to lose weight.

During a fitness boxing session you will be constantly moving. Jumping, arm movements, rotating, punches, kicks … the alternation of slow and fast rhythms will allow you to move your body for almost 1 hour.
During a fitness boxing class you will be soliciting your arms, your legs, your buttocks, your abs, your shoulders, as well as the muscles of your back.

Amateur boxing and educational boxing share the same technics of fighting. However they are different in several ways. In amateur boxing, we do have the right to hurt our opponent and have an aggressive manner, but respecting the rules obviously. The decisions can be winning or losing by points or by Knock out. Head guards (or helmets as we call them) are compulsory for anyone other than advanced fighters who have more than 5 fights.

The philosophy of the Boxing Club Nicois Gym is to help the fighters reach their best condition, technically, physically and psychologically, while preserving their health. Each person who wants to practice the amateur boxing must get the agreements from the coaches and the agreements of the parents if they are under 18 years old.

The aims of each person can be different. Certain members target the highest level, like the national championship, or even higher with the Olympic Games, which is the dream of many amateur fighters. Other people just want to get to know the sensation of having an official fight and testing their limits. In both cases, the aim of the coaches of the BCN is to do our best in order to give satisfaction to the fighter. Today in France the amateur boxing has a good image thanks to the last Olympic Games with having 6 fighters representing the French team winning 6 medals.