Personal Coach

Beyond the training group sessions that we propose, the coaches can be available for individual training sessions adapted to your physical condition, your level, and to attain the aim that you fixed with the coach. Weight loss, for example, is often the objective sought by the practitioners. In that case, a discussion of eating habits […]

Amateur boxing

The amateur boxing is a fight during 3 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute of rest between each round. It’s a short fight but an intense moment. To get ready the training is presented in several different ways. We can associate amateur boxing as a sprint and professional boxing like a marathon. Obviously each […]

Fitness boxing

THE LEISURE BOXING – AEROBIC BOXING – FITNESS BOXING We can translate that practice in thousands ways. Boxing is an individual sport that is open to most, however learning this sport does requires physical effort. Boxing Leisure is a way to learn a sport while keeping fit, improving your physical conditioning and learning the techniques […]