Amateur boxing

The amateur boxing is a fight during 3 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute of rest between each round. It’s a short fight but an intense moment. To get ready the training is presented in several different ways. We can associate amateur boxing as a sprint and professional boxing like a marathon. Obviously each club applies a specific method that we also respect and share. Some methods of training for amateur boxing were taught to us during our schooling to become official coaches, so our role is to make the theory the closest possible of the practices while adapting accordingly to each fighter, as each student is different and has different qualities and natural abilities.

Women are also welcome in our gym to practice the amateur boxing, knowing that the best record of the gym comes from Clemence L’Héritier, that reached the final of the national championship.

There are different competitions before attaining the high level:

-For the beginners we have the Provence cup of novices organized by the regional community, this competition doesn’t allow anyone to reach straight away the high level. It’s a competition that gives the chance to discover competitive boxing and to cumulate numbers of rounds and bouts completed. Only boxers who have less than 5 fights have access to these competitions.

-There is the Elite regional championship. This competition has fights with 3 rounds of 3 minutes and allows boxers to qualify to a tournament named the TQN (Tournament qualifying to the National championship). If a fighter wins this tournament, he or she will get the access to the national championship where all the best amateur fighters in France meet. To have the guarantee to be qualified for to the national championship, it’s better to win both the aforementioned tournaments.

-The national championship gives access to the amateur high level if you win it or reach the final.

Our aim will be to lead each fighter to the highest level according to the individual skill and capacity and determination of each candidate. The high standard of amateur boxing requires the same investment as professional boxing. We could consider to achieve a high level of amateur boxing is like a having a second job!

 You will find all the rules for the Amateur boxing with clicking on that following link (In french):

08 – Code sportif BA 20162017