Interior Rules of the BCN

We welcome you to read the rules of the gym, before completing the documents attesting to your registration.

Article 1

Members must respect the staff, facilities, equipment and hygiene of the Charles Ehrmann Sports Park.

Article 2

Any behavior deemed disrespectful will be sanctioned.

Article 3

Members commit to respecting the values ​​of Boxing, such as respect, self-improvement, humility, tolerance. The Boxing Club Niçois is secular and apolitical – the members will have to respect this.

Article 4

There is no smoking in the PSCE.

Article 5

The registration form must be complete from the second week of training, beyond which it will be impossible to continue the training sessions. Any contribution collected is non-refundable, the payment can be staggered on the condition of providing the cheques upon registration, payable to the Boxing Club Niçois. The competitors, at the time of the inscription, will have to make the arrangements for obtaining the certificates and compulsory medical examinations necessary for the competition. The respect of the weight, which will be checked during the season, is compulsory under penalty of being disqualified. Gathered in committee the coaches decide the commitment in competition with parental agreement for minors.

Article 6

The presence of parents and/or spectators accompanying members during training is not desired. However, it can be tolerated according to coaches’ appreciation. The members engage themselves to respect the schedules, any breach may be sanctioned. The minors must present a parental authorization for any early departure. The BCN is not responsible for minors outside training hours. Parents allow minors to travel in the vehicles of club members.

Article 7

The BCN provides the necessary equipment, apart from the mouth guard which is compulsory. For reasons of hygiene, it is desirable to have one’s own personal material, which can be sourced directly from BCN – please ask for information. Access to the training room is strictly forbidden without the assistance of a coach.

Article 8

I authorize the BCN to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish in any place, in any and all ways, forms and formats, in any number, the photographs concerning me made, for an unlimited duration, without limitation of place, country and quantity.

Article 9

The Boxing Club Niçois declines all responsibility in case of loss or theft of objects or personal material belongings to me on the site of the PSCE and places of travel.

The president.

BOXING CLUB NICOIS, head office: 234 avenue St Marguerite Les Serres Bât. 11 06200 Nice