Educational boxing

Educational boxing (EB) is a kind of practice open to all (From 6 to 77 years old).

You will find two fundamental requirements compare to amateur and professional boxing:

-Do not hurt your opponent;

-Be sanctioned for any violent behavior.

The logic of the “Boxing” activity remains the same, whatever the way of practicing. Only the power of the punches is different. In educational boxing, we touch and we don’t hit. The practitioners must impose themselves by their technical and tactical qualities, but not by the power of the hits. The speed doesn’t change but must be accompanied by total control of the impact, otherwise they will be penalized.

The presence of the referee is important since he keeps watching over the safety of the boxers. The application and the respect of the rules guarantee a practice in safety. Several prohibitions such as striking or intending to touch a prohibited area, holding or pushing, having an unsportsmanlike behavior etc. may disqualify the boxer without having a sanction before.

The EB (educational Boxing) allows students to develop speed, stamina, flexibility and elasticity.

It also allows the students to learn the different techniques of boxing: attack, preparation of attack, defense and counter-attack. During the learning of techniques at the gym or in a competition, the coach takes advantage of certain situations in order to instill to the student the knowledge allowing her or him to manage the efforts, space and time In order to increase their chances of winning the opposition.

Throughout the opposition training methods, boxers must train face to face. A boxer who turns his back to his opponent or who drops his head (face facing the ground) is immediately sanctioned, since this behavior can become dangerous quickly.

To be allowed to box, the boxers must have an EB license for the current season. An opposition must not be between two boxers whose difference of age is more than two years (date to date of birth). An opposition scenario cannot happen between two boxers whose weight difference exceeds the weight difference allowed for the category of the lightest. An opposition must not oppose a girl to a boy. It must also not oppose two brothers or two sisters, or two boxers of the same club except in the championship. Only two boxers with an EB license can fight. Finally, a boxer is allowed to make two fights per day out of championship and during a competition.

The educational boxing teaches values that leisure boxing, amateur boxing, and professional boxing, will use as a base. All the movements and rules to respect are founded on educational boxing.

Educational boxing is often frequented by those under 18 years old. With mutual agreement of the parents and the coaches, the members of the club will be able to apply for participating to ‘educational boxing’ competitions. The aim of the Boxing Club Nicois will be to respect teach respect of the rules of the discipline and to lead each member to control the techniques of the sport. For the competitors we will do our best as a coach that the members and representing of the club respect the rules are on the best technical and physical conditions to win each bout.

The following videos show you how the ambiance is for the young practitioners: